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RR: The fact that we do not consider advantage of voting is past preposterous. I mean, I actually produced it a stage before I went the street this 7 days to vote early because I realized that on the seventh, I wouldn’t be in Miami. If you don’t vote, you have no say; you have no reason to complain. I’m so opinionated that when I watch some thing and I see a politician that I don’t concur with, I am really passionate about it. I realize that if I don’t vote I can’t say anything. Truthfully, just shut up and sit down simply because it doesn’t matter.

Yet with Cindy McCain, the Times feels qualified to even trace at this kind of things as how she feels and how the few is in personal. They even think they are certified to report on her motivations and insinuate something about her character at the exact same time.

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